Brake Service

Everyone should take brake service seriously.  Brakes are the single most important item when it comes to the driving experience.  Without brakes, driving a car would be a white-knuckle ride from the moment you are in motion.

brake serviceI remember a moment in time when I went to simply pull my corvette into the garage from the driveway.  I was only moving at idle speed. When I went to hit the brakes, my heart sank as the pedal went to the floor.

Fortunately, a shelving unit kept my beautiful classic corvette from ending up in my laundry room!  I still had some damage on the car, but it could have been a lot worse.

brake serviceAfter taking my car to Shawn at ATEX Transmissions in New Port Richey, he pointed out a leak in a brake line coming off the master cylinder.  I am grateful that the brake failure happened on my driveway and not in traffic somewhere in New Port Richey, or even worse… on the highway on my way into town!  At that moment, I started to really give all my vehicles the attention they deserve.  We take for granted how much we rely on our vehicles to perform the way they should.  Without a routine inspection we put our own lives at risk, along with those we share the roads with as well.

Sound advice in New Port Richey

Shop owner, James Presta at Presta Automotive in Port Richey, says that “Most people don’t realize that the time to visit a brake job is here already.” James also says that taking a look at the brakes is good practice every time the wheels come off of a vehicle in his shop.  I asked James how often people let the brakes go when he points out that brake service is needed.  The answer he gave me was alarming!

I also spoke with Raymond Hernandez, shop owner at Big Ray’s Auto Care in New Port Richey. He says that “People don’t realize they are in trouble, until the moment that they are.” I have to admit, those are words to live by!  I understand that money can be tight at times.  But maintaining brakes on the vehicle that your family rides in, and the vehicle you depend on to get you around and get you there safe is a necessity, not a luxury.

 Brake Service

brake serviceBrake inspection is not very hard to do yourself, but to get a thorough inspection you will need to have the experience of James or Ray.  These guys know what to look for.

Brake pads are usually the first to go.  Some rim designs allow you to see the brake pads through the spokes of the wheel.  Pulsating brake pedal, noisy brakes and poor brake response means you need to get your car to a mechanic.