Transmission Repair New Port Richey


Trying to find a Transmission Repair Shop in New Port Richey isn’t something we like to think about often when it comes to mechanical problems.  Whether you drive a stick shift or an automatic, every vehicle has a transmission that sends the power of the engine to the drive wheels. This unit can drive a rear wheel, both rear wheels or with the help of another gear box, drive all four wheels at the same time.  It is important to take good care your transmission.

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Engine Diagnostic Check

engine diagnostic check
Image by: Wikiuser100000

What is an engine diagnostic check?  When you see a warning light come on that says: “Check Engine,” or just an icon of an engine, an engine diagnostics check will pinpoint the problem before it becomes more expensive.  Modern vehicles now have on-board computers known as an Engine Control Unit, or ECU. This unit monitors the performance of the vehicle.  This light acts as a warning, and is your first indication of something not right.

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